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TDP focuses on operating system diversification for Tor with BSD Unix. But the need for diversity is more than just operating systems. A quick browse at one of the Tor Status sites, or more specifically the Network Statistics Graphs, the lack of geographical diversity is disturbing.

Parsing the list of Tor relays, there are a number of ISO 8166–1 two-digit country codes that have no relays. Spreading the Tor network out to those countries should be a primary concern, regardless of operating system.

We don’t know the particulars of infrastructure, connectivity costs, etc., in a lot of those countries, but the underrepresented regions need a dedicated focus.

Also disturbing is the concentration of public relays by country code. Germany and the US contain more than a thousand relays each, accounting for more than a third of the total number of Tor relays globally.

Of course, using Tor in some of those places may be dangerous or cost prohibitive.

We will continue to tinker with the data about geographical diversity in the future, but in the meantime, if you have contacts, friends or families in the underrepresented country codes, now is the time to explore the possibility of getting Tor relays into the Tor-less country codes.

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