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Our First Bells

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Over six months ago we launched TDP in its current form. In March, the GitHub repository was initialized and we put some meat on the skeleton we had been toying around with.

We count a lot of accomplishments since launching, but should be honest about TDP’s weakest point: marketing and publicity. Of course, it’s something we’re proud of to an extent. Too many open source projects focus almost solely on publicity, and don’t actually accomplish much else. Nevertheless, we will try to start providing a clearer picture of our progress and notes here.

Quite frankly in BSD land, all fluff and no product doesn’t get you much credibility. Talk is considered cheap, while good code and real contributions are priceless.

We announced the sixth release of Tor Browser two days ago, version 5.0.3, which was a major milestone for us. We were excited by some of the feedback on the Tor-talk.

The presentation at BSDCon Brasil was a success, with the first BSD relays launched in that country, and which now account for up to a third of observed Tor bandwidth there. More relays should be coming online in Brazil soon, and we know of a few BSD bridges that came online.

Interestingly, one of the relays running on a residential connection, had to be migrated to a bridge. Apparently, one of the relay admin’s online services blocked the relay’s IP. The IP wasn’t an exit relay, but it was a public Tor IP. Let’s hear it for collective punishment.

Finally, we will be catching up with the publicity we should have previously done in the near future. Bear with this blog’s format, we are not really the WordPress types, if that wasn’t already apparent.

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