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Thinking About 2016

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The BSDCan 2016 call for papers was issued yesterday, and a TDP-related submission was made. BSDCan is likely the largest BSD gathering globally, and an excellent opportunity to speak to *BSD developers and users.

EuroBSDCon 2016 is tentatively slated for September 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. It is another significant BSD event, attracting users and developers from Europe and beyond. At a glance, there are only two Tor relays in Serbia, and both are Linux. Beyond Serbia, there are few Tor relays in the Balkan states overall, making EuroBSDCon 2016 a great opportunity to extend not just BSD Tor relays, but any Tor relays.

No dates have been set for AsiaBSDCon, but it’s usually in March. Japan is well-wired with inexpensive residential broadband, yet there are only around 50–60 relays in the country. Considering it’s a BSD-heavy nation, it’s shocking that there are only a handful of *BSD relays. Yet another green field of opportunity.

Stay tuned. Whether we can speak at any of these events will also depend on financial support for TDP.

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