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Still Plugging Away

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We are still moving along.

Attila began working on the next Tor Browser release yesterday.

Dirty Statistics are still being updated and tweaked. More reports are in the pipeline.

Some inferences from the Dirty Statistics reports:

Remarkably, Tor Browser 5.03 is still functional on OpenBSD/amd64 with the #1783 snapshot from December 27th. Snapshots frequently take hard twists and turns, as is to be expected with the development branch of any operating system, so this is something of a surprise. The early releases of TDP’s 5.03 faced some hiccups with various changes, but we are trouble-free since.

One thing to note is that the number of public *BSD Tor relays, not including BitRig, remains consistently above 5% of total relays. While we can’t necessarily attribute to TDP, we like to think the noise we make helped a little bit.

Stay tuned. We are still very active, even when we are publicly quiet.

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