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The Buildbot Needs BSD Relays

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One of the small yet important projects spawning from this Tor-BSD meme is Christian S.’s BSD Buildbot. Essentially it’s a tool for development builds of Tor for the Tor Project, with volunteers enlisting their BSD relays.

Recently its relevance was reinforced due to some libevent issues with OpenBSD and Tor. The OpenBSD base includes libevent, and libevent2 is a dependency port (LIB_DEPENDS) for the Tor port. Tor Project Trac tickets include 19902 and 19904.

To enlist a BSD relay in the buildbot:

$ buildslave create-slave slave <buildername> <password>

where is something you choose, and is your key for the particular slave.

$ buildslave start slave/

For OpenBSD buildbot relays, /etc/profile needs to list the installed versions of autoconf and automake, as per this email to the Tor-BSD mailing list.

export AUTOCONF_VERSION="2.69"
export AUTOMAKE_VERSION="1.14"

Assuming everything is configured correctly, the buildbot slave should appear on, and the log in slave/twistd.log should provide results.

Also: yes, we think the terminology of buildbot “slave” and “master” are inappropriate, and we only use them since they are the actually commands and lingo. The terms are not even descriptively useful to someone new to the concept of a continuous integration system.

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