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Tor Relay on a BeagleBone Black Running OpenBSD -current

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For anyone who hasn’t gotten the news, x86 hardware no longer reigns supreme in server land. For years other architectures, namely ARM, are increasingly moving beyond esoteric or hidden purposes. ARM isn’t just for your cell phone anymore.

On that note, TDP is set up a Tor relay on a BeagleBone Black running OpenBSD. The OpenBSD armv7 platform covers some of the more popular armv7 hardware, including the Wandboard, [Cubieboard](], Banana Pi, not to mention other BeagleBones and the BeagleBoard.

The dmesg for the relay is on NYC*BUG’s dmesgd. The device joined the Tor network today, and will be joining the Unofficial BSD Buildbot maintained by Christian S. soon.

OpenBSDBBB is listed on Tor Status and also on on the Tor Project’s Atlas.

The stable release of OpenBSD is 6.0, but this relay is running -current. Both net/tor and devel/py-buildslave are available as OpenBSD armv7 packages, making the setup easy enough.

The RelayBandwidthRate is set to 5000 KBytes and bursting to 6000 KBytes, and it will be worthwhile seeing if that rate is attainable.

A quick note on configuration. There are four partitions, as the output of df(1) illustrates:

Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail  Capacity   Mounted on  
/dev/sd1a      491M   42.9M    423M        9%      /  
/dev/sd1f      1.4G   10.2M    1.3G        1%      /home  
/dev/sd1d      1.5G    521M    907M       36%      /usr  
/dev/sd1e      192M   77.7M    105M       43%      /usr/local  
mfs:54396     48.4M    4.0K   45.9M        0%      /tmp  

/tmp is running off RAM with mfs.

The ports tree is mounted on a 16G microSD card. It will enable us to build and test new ports on armv7. TDP is looking at porting other relevant PETs applications such as OnionShare and finally moving obfsproxy into the official ports.

Running on -current might seem counter-intuitive, as it is the OpenBSD development branch, and may contain bugs and breaks. But like the tor-alpha branch, OpenBSD’s -current gets a lot of attention, and also includes the latest stable Tor port which is tor– While -current snapshots can be released multiple times a day on occasion, updating on a weekly basis is usually sufficient.

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