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BeagleBone Online and Busy

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The BeagleBone Black Tor relay is fully operational and according to both one of the Tor Status sites and Tor Atlas, is already pushing about 1 MBps.

It’s not up on the Buildbot yet, but should be once some technical glitches are resolved on our end.

There is a number of advantages to this and similar relays.

A final configuration tweak now that the relay seems to be hitting its stride.

OpenBSD is pleasantly stingy in allowing the number of files to be opened per daemon. This restriction works both for security purposes and for a consideration for systems with lesser resources. The tor daemon, to be able to hit its peak bandwidth, likely needs a bump in those values.

There’s two quick changes, on that note.

Increase the number of files that can be opened, assuming there is no previously configured /etc/sysctl.conf file:

$ echo "kern.maxfiles=20000" >/etc/sysctl.conf

To enble that change without a reboot:

$ sysctl kern.maxfiles=20000

Next allow the tor daemon to increase its own openfiles limit, edit the /etc/login.conf file and add the following:


While testing node configuration changes on a (mostly) randomized anonymity network is hard to measure, removing those limits can remove some local hindrances.

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