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103 words by gman999 written on 2017–06–26, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: bsd, buildbot, testing, torPrevious post: Tor Summit 2017 in AmsterdamNext post: BSD VPS Providers Needed

Christian S.’s Tor BSD Buildbot needs attention again. His Buildbot is a vital tool for Tor core developers to test the Tor development branch on the various BSDs and hardware platforms.

The new 0.9.5 Buildbot software includes a number of noteworthy changes.

First, the new site requires JavaScript enabled to view the site. Also, it is now necessary to make sure that Christian has the hostname and password for each individual Buildbot worker. He can be contacted through the Tor-BSD.

There are only two active Buildbot workers at this moment, NYCBUG0 and NYCBUG2. Time to get more Buildbot workers online.

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