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Tor Browser 7.0.5 in OpenBSD -current ports

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Tor Browser 7.0.5 was committed yesterday into OpenBSD’s -current ports. It hasn’t show up as a package yet, but should soon.

At the moment, the i386 port is building from an updated ports tree. Usually if a port compiles correctly on amd64, it compiles fine on i386, but there are enough differences in the architectures that it’s worth a full build. On an old i386 Thinkpad with the -j 4 flag for make(1), recent build times by versions are:

We are going to submit a patch to backport TB to OpenBSD -stable again. TB needs to be up-to-date. Anonymity is a bitter, constant war of measures and counter-measures.

A step behind means you lose before you step onto the battlefield.

On another note, obfs4proxy was submitted to FreeBSD’s Bugzilla. Getting obfs4proxy into FreeBSD’s ports is a prerequisite for rectifying the usage of pluggable transports for bridges.

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