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PETs Porting Targets

208 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–19, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: pets, porting

After the June 2 13 Snowden disclosures a rush towards developing applications to counter mainstream closed-source services commenced. Many focuse on Debian Linux as a development platform but aim at more widely used Windows OSX iOS and Android user-base. Beyond client applications there are also network-based servers and services seeking to provide privacy and anonymity. … read more

The Case of Brazil Relays

290 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–12, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: brazil, meetconf, relays, tor

Just a short note about the Brazil relays implemented after BSDCon Brasil. Before the early October conference it seems there was only one public Tor relay. After the event there are up to five or six relays maintained by two separate individuals. It’s understood that some bridges also joined the Tor network also but we don’t have any direct evidence. … read more

TB 5.0.3 Packages Updated, Again

123 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–11, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: openbsd, porting, tor-browser

The a href “” Tor Browser 5. .3 packages were updated again due to the need for icu4c version 56.1. Both devel/nspr and textproc/icu4c are updated in the OpenBSD ports tree and the TB packages have been rebuilt for them. Be sure to make sure packages or ports are updated before installing. If the host is updated there’s no need to use our devel/nspr or textproc/icu4c packages. … read more

Coming Soon: Quick-and-Dirty Reports

109 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–08, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: statistics, tor

This week we’ll post “Quick-and-Dirty Reports ” providing diversity-related snapshots of the public Tor network. Currently the five reports are generated manually from the Tor Status CSV files but they are being migrated to SQLite in the future.

A quick sample of the current reports were posted in an earlier blog entry. … read more

Thoughts on Reproducible Builds

42 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–04, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: reproducible

Just a quick link to a pleasantly polemical post from September 19th by OpenBSD’s tedu entitled reproducible builds are a waste of time. There’s a follow-up postscript at the end of the post reacting to a thread. … read more

It’s Up to You

242 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–03, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: buildbot, openbsd, project, tor

Since we launched TDP two of us spend a lot of time energy and resources getting the various projects designed and implemented.

But there is always room for one two three more.

It’s a perfect opportunity to start testing Tor Browser 5. .3. Fork the repository submit issues about the software. … read more

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