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Tor Browser 7.0.5 in OpenBSD -current ports

170 words by attila written on 2017–09–27, last edit: 2017–10–10, tags: openbsd, ports, tbb, tor-browser

Tor Browser 7. .5 was committed yesterday into OpenBSD’s -current ports. It hasn’t show up as a package yet but should soon.

At the moment the i386 port is building from an updated ports tree. Usually if a port compiles correctly on amd64 it compiles fine … read more

A BSD-focused Tor Bridge Installfest

519 words by gman999 written on 2017–09–06, last edit: 2017–10–10, tags: meetconf, monocultures, tor

The disturbing picture of the Tor bridge operating system monoculture should frighten everyone.

No exaggeration intended but when only one operating system kernel is responsible for the vast majority of censored traffic entering the Tor network alarm bells should sound. … read more

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