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PETs Porting Targets

208 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–19, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: pets, porting

After the June 2 13 Snowden disclosures a rush towards developing applications to counter mainstream closed-source services commenced. Many focuse on Debian Linux as a development platform but aim at more widely used Windows OSX iOS and Android user-base. Beyond client applications there are also network-based servers and services seeking to provide privacy and anonymity. … read more

TB 5.0.3 Packages Updated, Again

123 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–11, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: openbsd, porting, tor-browser

The a href “” Tor Browser 5. .3 packages were updated again due to the need for icu4c version 56.1. Both devel/nspr and textproc/icu4c are updated in the OpenBSD ports tree and the TB packages have been rebuilt for them. Be sure to make sure packages or ports are updated before installing. If the host is updated there’s no need to use our devel/nspr or textproc/icu4c packages. … read more

Announcing Porting PETs

114 words by gman999 written on 2015–12–14, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: porting, project

One of the small projects we have spent some time on recently is Porting PETs. This is an attempt to list the various privacy-enhancing applications and their statuses in the BSD ports.

Most of these ports arose as non-commercial open source reactions to … read more

Porting PETs Updates

353 words by gman999 written on 2016–03–20, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: pets, porting

Porting Targets for PETs is meant as a hit list of privacy enhanncing related ports that may or may not be in the main BSD port/package systems. As we make clear on the page some should be considered for entry into BSD ports systems while others may not be good candidates for a variety of reasons. … read more

Onionshare: patches and ports

62 words by attila written on 2018–02–24, last edit: 2018–04–20, tags: freebsd, onionshare, openbsd, porting, tor

OnionShare has been on our radar for a while and we’ve finally made some progress:

  1. After two tries we got our patches upstream
  2. Several rounds of criticism on the ports mailing list have resulted in a working port you can check out our … read more

The Eight Stages of a Tor Browser Update for OpenBSD Ports

3519 words by attila written on 2018–04–18, last edit: 2018–04–25, tags: openbsd, porting, tbb

This post describes what I do to get an update ready for the Tor Browser ports under OpenBSD. All of this is done on -current the OpenBSD head of line although backporting this work to the -stable release is high on our list of things to … read more

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