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Our First Bells

302 words by gman999 written on 2015–10–29, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: meetconf, project

Over six months ago we launched TDP in its current form. In March the GitHub repository was initialized and we put some meat on the skeleton we had been toying around with.

We count a lot of accomplishments since launching but should be honest about TDP’s weakest point: marketing and publicity. Of course it’s something we’re proud of to an extent. Too many open source projects focus almost solely on publicity and don’t actually accomplish much else. Nevertheless we will try to start providing a clearer picture of our progress and notes here. … read more

It’s Up to You

242 words by gman999 written on 2015–11–03, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: buildbot, openbsd, project, tor

Since we launched TDP two of us spend a lot of time energy and resources getting the various projects designed and implemented.

But there is always room for one two three more.

It’s a perfect opportunity to start testing Tor Browser 5. .3. Fork the repository submit issues about the software. … read more

Announcing Porting PETs

114 words by gman999 written on 2015–12–14, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: porting, project

One of the small projects we have spent some time on recently is Porting PETs. This is an attempt to list the various privacy-enhancing applications and their statuses in the BSD ports.

Most of these ports arose as non-commercial open source reactions to … read more

Notes From The Front

317 words by attila written on 2015–12–16, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: admin, project

First: hats off to gman999 for his incessant efforts in getting the content of this site in better shape. I especially applaud this low-tech/no-tech blog layout in MultiMarkdown.

I have been noticeably lacking but not totally idle. I’ve had to take some paying work which has slowed me down on open source but my path forward is fairly clear. My main task is to rework the makefiles mainly the stuff in that comprise the OpenBSD ports for TBB so that they dovetail with and use as much as possible of the Mozillan infrastructure already in the OpenBSD ports tree much of it due to landry who has already helped me a couple of times. I should’ve done this from the beginning but my head wasn’t really on straight when I first started this. I’ve been reticent about touching anything that I didn’t write choosing instead to adapt what others have done to get something working. Although this was perhaps effective in the short term if we want this in the tree it has to be consonant with it… in short: if you’re serious about contributing to OpenBSD then pick up a shovel and start digging but politely. I’m sure I can do that so I just have to get to it. … read more

Thinking About 2016

184 words by gman999 written on 2015–12–02, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: meetconf, project

The BSDCan 2 16 call for papers was issued yesterday and a TDP-related submission was made. BSDCan is likely the largest BSD gathering globally and an excellent opportunity to speak to BSD developers and users.

EuroBSDCon 2 16 is tentatively slated for September 2 16 in Belgrade Serbia. It is another significant BSD event attracting users and developers from Europe and beyond. At a glance there are only two Tor relays in Serbia and both are Linux. Beyond Serbia there are few Tor relays in the Balkan states overall making EuroBSDCon 2 16 a great opportunity to extend not just BSD Tor relays but any Tor relays. … read more

Still Plugging Away

540 words by gman999 written on 2016–01–02, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: project, stats, tor-browser

We are still moving along.

Attila began working on the next Tor Browser release yesterday.

Dirty Statistics are still being updated and tweaked. More reports are in the pipeline. … read more

TDP at BSDCan 2016

316 words by gman999 written on 2016–03–01, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: bsd, meetconf, project

Our presentation entited “Beyond Monocultures” was accepted for BSDCan 2 16 on June 1 –11 in Ottawa Canada.

We feel very fortunate since there were a lot of submissions for what is the premier BSD event in the western hemisphere. BSDCan has grown substantially since 2 4 with hundreds of attendees participating. … read more

So Much Quiet Progress

229 words by gman999 written on 2016–06–29, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: meetconf, openbsd, project, tor-browser

This blog remained silent over the past several months despite a flurry of very significant TDP activities.

The accomplishments are not reducible to a single blog entry but here are summaries of the more interesting:

There was continued development and the release of several Tor Browser versions. Packages for 6. and 6. .2 the current version were produced. The OpenBSD packages for both amd64 and i386 are available at{amd64 i386}. With feedback from the OpenBSD ports mailing list another version of TB 6. .2 is in the works. … read more

Where Things Stand

127 words by gman999 written on 2016–09–06, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: project

A brief list of where things stand with TDP:

Tor Browser 6. .4 is in the testing phase but looking good. Builds for i386 should start today.

One of us will be attending the Tor Summit. Many invites but it’s usually at a bad time for us. … read more

Welcome Aboard, Vinicius

247 words by gman999 written on 2016–12–17, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: admin, members, project

Two of us launched TDP in March 2 15. The accomplishments are substantial and the impact is significant. TDP did more than raise the PETs flag in BSD land it sparked a number of related projects and efforts.

One important player in the broad effort has been Vincius Zavam a young BSD hacker in Brazil. Introduced to PETs and Tor in particular as he was an organizer of BSDCon Brasil in 2 15 Vincius wasted no time engaging on multiple levels. … read more

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